This 6-in-1 Universal Cable wants to be the one-stop answer to all of those power needs

If you're going on a trip, it isn't enough to bring your smartphone and your tablet and your laptop. You also have to bring all the charging cables for your phone. And the one for your tablet. And the charging brick plug-in. And the ones for your laptop. Before you know it, the stockpile of accessories you have to tote around make it look like R2-D2 threw up. It's cables and wires everywhere.

The CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable wants to be the one-stop answer to all of those power needs.

Its makers at Charby dubbed the cable "The Master Key" — and it isn't hard to see why. With six different "key" attachments as part of this durable high-speed cable, there isn't a connection door this instrument can't open.

Simply put, the CharbyEdge Pro plugs into basically anything. With detachable USB-A and USB-C heads, this cable also features interlocking Lightning and Micro USB adapters, which allow users to charge any Apple, USB-C or Android devices with any of the USB-A and USB-C ports. Each attachment latches on to the aluminum reinforced head easily, or slips off just as simply.

Once in place, this cable can surge power at up to 100W speed to replenish all your juice-hungry devices. This cable can get a Samsung Galaxy phone back to 50 percent strength in just 22 minutes, an iPhone 11 Pro in just 46 minutes, an iPad Pro in 52 minutes or even a 10,000mAh power bank in just over an hour.

Yet that recharging power doesn't matter if the cable can't hold up, but the CharbyEdge Pro is engineer to take on the outside world head-on. Made from tangle-free-nylon braided ballistic fiber, this cable can stand up to pressure, enduring lab testing to withstand over 30,000 bends. And at 6.5 feet long, it's got more than enough reach to attach between any devices comfortably.

Your all-in-one Charby Edge Pro charging cable which regularly retails for $30 is now available with a $5 discount, bringing your final price for this versatile connector to only $24.99.

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