Lumen5 Video Maker's AI brain practically makes your social media videos for you

If you include video in social media posts for your business, you'll see a 66 percent boost in serious engagement. Your brand awareness will be up over 50 percent. And an overwhelming 93 percent of marketers confirm that video on a social media post has resulted in a new customer.

While the numbers are compelling, all you've got to do is think about what catches your eye as you're scrolling through your own social media feeds. Video pops. It demands attention. It makes sense that video should be a steady presence in your company's social posts. 

Probably is, you probably don't have a full-time videographer on staff in your auto glass shop. Or your dry-cleaning store. Or your one-man-band work-from-home graphic design firm.

So either you become that videographer…or let the services of a Lumen5 Video Maker handle that heavy lifting for you. 

Lumen5 uses the power of artificial intelligence to create cool, easily shareable social media posts almost automatically.

Once you've got your text, just drop it into Lumen5 and let its AI brain get busy. Lumen5 will storyboard out your idea, including possible formats, background colors, fonts and other graphic elements you can incorporate.

But you want video, right? Of course! Lumen5 will scour deep into its massive archive, featuring literally millions of video clips, images, audio files, and music sourced from Getty Images, Shutterstock, and other outlets. Lumen5 can assess the text in your post, then pull out a clip it thinks should match up with your post. In case it isn't quite right, you can check out other options and sub in the clip that fits best. Everything in Lumen5 is drag-and-drop simple, so you can have post-ready images and video assembled in minutes.

Once you're ready, you can then have Lumen5 fit your material into the perfect size specs for all the most popular social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and beyond.

Lumen5 is already a favorite with the converted, scoring a combined 4.5 out of 5-star rating with users on GetApp and Trustpilot. Right now, a one-year subscription to a Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan, a $360 value, is available at 50 percent off, down to only $179.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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