Emu decides tasty pear worth more than freedom

The North Andover Eagle-Tribune reports that an emu escaped the yard of a temporary carer in Haverhill, Ma., this week. Kermit, the large bird in question, was seen roaming the streets around Walnut Square before being "safely coralled" by an animal control officer armed with a pear.

The emu named Kermit was being handled by a Haverhill woman who temporarily cares for animals in need of homes. On Wednesday morning, the woman was in the process of transporting Kermit to a farm in Maine when the bird tried to make a quick getaway. According to a resident who saw the incident, a gust of wind blew open a gate to the property where the bird was being held, and Kermit ran.

The bird calmed down after being given a pear from a nearby pear tree and was carried to safety.