New York City will "aggressively" issue $1,000 fines for not wearing a face mask

New York is seeing a bump in Covid-19 cases. In response, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city will start fining people up to $1,000 for refusing to wear a face mask. If a person is caught without a mask in public, they will first be offered a free mask by a city employee. If they don't comply, the fine kicks in.

From NPR:

"Anyone who refuses to wear a face covering will be told that if they don't put one on, they will be fined," de Blasio said. He said it would start immediately and on a large scale. "That will happen aggressively, clearly.""Our goal, of course, is to give everyone a free face mask and get them to wear it. We don't want to fine people," said de Blasio.