Scorpion gaming chair stings you in the face with its monitor

Behold the Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit, an articulated $3300 monstrosity with a monitor for a stinger and 8 vicious-looking clawed legs.

The tail of the Scorpion extends to become the overhang support for screen mount. Both the angle and the distance of the monitor is adjustable using a controller. Whether you have a single curved monitor setup or a triple monitor setup, it will deliver the positions you desire

The body of the Scorpion is where you can choose to sit upright or lie down for a break. And guess what?! The chair even comes with a massage and heating function so you can enjoy some quality time while you're making yourself look like the ultimate villain.

The Scorpion's claws look a little sharp, but they actually got rounded corners. So you don't have to worry about getting cut by the corners. Its main function is used as a keyboard and mouse stand, on its side there is a slot that conveniently stores a remote control for the cockpit. A simple press and the Scorpion will change into your favorite pose.

What a nightmare!