Massive and weird chasm visible in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

In August, Microsoft released its new Flight Simulator 2020 that uses satellite and fly-by imager to amp up the hyperreality of the experience. Now, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 players are reporting a weird and massive chasm in Brazil with an airport at the bottom. From PC Gamer:

As you plunge into the pit you can actually see a small airstrip at the bottom. That's Lagoa Nova, which is apparently a small airfield in Brazil, and it'll come up if you search for it on the world map in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Choose it as your destination airport, and you can check it out yourself. You can't miss it. Because it's a giant, freakish chasm.

Those weird monoliths we saw were most likely caused by an typo (buildings entered as 200 floors tall instead of 2), and perhaps this airfield's elevation above sea level was entered incorrectly into a spreadsheet somewhere as well, causing this bizarre pit that looks like a black hole is trying to suck the planet up from the inside.

And yes, I had a chuckle that there's a typo in the PC Gamer article sentence that suggests the Flight Simulator glitch is caused by a typo.