The Book of Epiq People might be the most meaningful gift of the holiday season

Gift cards have become the tired cliche of gift-giving. They're what you get someone for their birthday or the holidays when you can't think of anything else. Your recipient smiles and is genuinely pleased at the gift. And then the conversation shifts, the card goes into a purse or wallet, and no one thinks of gift-giving again until the next major holiday.

Done correctly, gifts should be thoughtful. They should be personal. They should create a memory and leave a lasting mark between gifter and giftee. A gift should matter.

The Book of Epiq People is a gift that will matter.

Funded by Kickstarter, the Book is the creation of Mark and Trisha Swiggum, who decided they wanted to craft a book that helped them get to know friends and family better.

The Book of Epiq People is simple. Hand the coffee-table sized book to someone who matters, give them a pen and have them start answering the 20 thought-provoking questions on each page. The questions are queries you might not have asked some of your nearest and dearest family and friends before, yet they're designed to elicit a meaningful response that can generate an incredible opportunity for discussion.

Questions include things like, "How do you define love?" or "Your greatest fear is?" or "What's the biggest piece of life advice you'd tell your young self?" Each answer not only fills the book page, but serves as a springboard to learning more about the person answering the question, an invaluable opportunity to know the people you're closest to on an even deeper level.

By the time you're finished, the book will be filled with the life experiences and wisdom of 100 of the greatest people you know. Think about it…how much is something like that worth to you?

The Book of Epiq People is available for pre-order now with all orders guaranteed to arrive before Dec. 15, so it can be in hand for all your holiday celebrations. Plus, you also get a special gift with your purchase and $5 of the total is going to efforts to combat COVID-19.

Regularly priced at $75, you can pick up The Book of Epiq People and your special gift now for $16 off, just $59 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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