The Moovy Bag is like having a mobile office on your back everywhere you go

We don't work at the office anymore. But someday, we might again. Or maybe we won't. Maybe we'll be working from cafes or buses or literally anywhere and everywhere we might travel. In that case, the efficient guy starts loading up his gear like he's Rambo heading into the jungle. Everything needs to be in its right place, with every contingency considered and planned for.

The Moovy Bag is the commuter and world traveler bag for the savvy on-the-go problem solver who has clearly thought everything through.

You'd be forgiven for calling the Moovy Bag a backpack. You'd be wrong, of course, even though it certainly looks like a sleek, modern high-tech backpack that keeps users organized. But in truth, it's actually a portable office, including its own portable power station led with an intelligent battery that knows you mean business. The 22,000mAh battery assesses the power needs of any of your devices, then quickly and efficiently feeds juice to your phone, tablet or even your laptop to keep your mobile office working at top speed.

And if your battery runs dry, the Moovy Bag is like any good soldier. It's got a backup plan. In the case of the deluxe model, just open the bag and the flap becomes a lightweight, incredibly thin solar panel, capable of capturing the sun's rays and charging the Moovy's battery in just nine hours.

Each compartment has been designed for a well-organized functionality, including a universal charging cable with a rotating 3 connector head that's compatible with both Apple Lightning and Android USB-C powered phones.

The flexible straps make it easy to go from backpack mode to shoulder carry mode and there's even an RFID pocket to hold your wallet and bank cards to make sure high-tech crooks can't swipe personal information right from your cards.

The Cult of Mac called the Moovy Bag "a godsend for digital nomads" — and with a world of possibilities ready to open back up, this bag is the ultimate statement of your preparedness for that day.

The Moovy Bag is usually priced at $399, but right now, it's on sale at half off, just $199.99. Or step up to the solar enabled version, regularly $499, now only $244.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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