This in-depth Wix training will help you build your very own eCommerce store

When you look at which website builder service is powering the most websites around the world, the answer is Wix. And the worldwide web-building leader isn't just the engine running almost 4 million websites globally, they're responsible for more sites than their three next closest competitors — Squarespace, GoDaddy and Weebly — combined.

Wix is an immensely powerful platform that doesn't just work with users to create a website. It also offers a full platform of AI-driven tools crafted specifically to help those sites succeed. If you're the owner of one of those 4 million Wix sites or if you need to build a site of your own, The Wix Web On-Demand Store and Marketing Bundle can offer you some of the much-needed shortcuts to web success or even start you down a whole new path to business riches.

The bundle includes five courses for getting the absolute most out of a Wix site, whether it's for business or a personal passion project.

The How to Build Your Own Website Using Wix is a beginner-friendly course that can help even first-timers build a gorgeous site with all the functionality needed to engage customers, drive traffic and help you carve out your own impactful space on the web. This step-by-step in-depth course guides you through every phase in the creation of a fully optimized professional website, including how to produce impactful content, enriching your search potential and helpful tips and tricks to make your site run more efficiently.

For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you should see $42 in return, which is why the Email Marketing Made Simple with Wix course is so central to business success. The training explains how to use Wix pages to build email lists, send emails that will get opened at low cost, set up an email auto-response system and more.

And in case you haven't yet settled on a business idea, this package includes templates to get three profitable of-the-moment businesses up and running fast. The How to Create a Print On Demand Face Mask Store with Wix, How To Create a Digital Download and Serial Key Store with Wix and How To Create a Niche Affiliate T-Shirt Store With Wix offer sound, experienced business advice to create low overhead custom face masks and t-shirts as well as digital download to generate a low-impact, high-profit passive revenue stream.

This primer to winning with Wix is usually a $995 training, but with this offer, it's on sale now for just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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