No room for a garden? The VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag fits practically anywhere

For plenty of Americans, gardening isn't even really an option. Sure, they might enjoy the thought of growing vegetables or harvesting food from the ground. But…umm…where ya gonna do that? On the window ledge outside your 6th-floor apartment? Or maybe along the only 10×2 foot patch of dirt next to your condo?

Unless you've got the land, gardening can be a tall order. However, there are some alternatives for those who find themselves with a green thumb and no soil to put it in. The VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag is a portable, environmentally-friendly vegetable garden grow bag that can not only satisfy that urge to grow, but turn out some pretty impressive veggies once you're finished.

Grow bags aren't new. In fact, they go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Greek. Yet, modern science has helped craft a bag that both works to help nurture and protect growing vegetables while also fitting in seamlessly to your modern home or outdoor space.

The 7-gallon, 14-inch high bag is made of non-woven, double-layered, rugged, flexible fabric that also happens to be moisture-proof, breathable and anti-corrosive for excellent aeration and drainage to help cultivate strong, healthy root systems. It even prevents overwatering by automatically percolating excess water.

Made for both indoor and outdoor planting, they're perfect for patios, small gardens, balconies, sunrooms, or really any convenient outdoor space. 

Whether you want to plant potatoes or carrots, onions or radishes or a host of other vegetable options, this bag offers plenty of space for their roots to spread out, get healthy and start producing.

And when your plants are actually generating harvest-ready vegetables, all you've got to do is open up the Velcro window in the side of the bag so you can easily check the maturity and growth to see if they're really ready. If they are, clip your veggies, take it out and the rest of your plant is perfectly healthy and set to start your circle of life all over again.

The VeggieGrow is also engineered to fold flat for easy storage when you aren't using it. Right now, you can save over 50 percent off the price of a VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag. Regularly, $39, you can get a Veggie Grow bag in black, blue, green or orange for just $17.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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