When you buy one of these masks an N95 mask is donated to a frontline health worker

While masks are an ever-present feature today, the most-needed masks — medical-grade N95 masks —remain in shockingly and horrifyingly short supply from Washington D.C. to Chicago to St. Cloud, Minn., six months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

From coast to coast, hospitals and clinics say the N95 masks used and vitally needed by frontline medical professionals are hard to come by. That's what sparked the founding of Masks2Heroes, an effort to get more N95 masks to doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners through the sale of durable cotton non-medical grade masks to the public.

So far, the non-profit organization has sold over 3,000 of their washable and reusable masks to backers, which have funded the purchase of over 10,000 masks to be distributed to healthcare professionals and other essential workers across the nation. 

And just because the Masks2Heroes masks aren't made for hospital use doesn't mean they don't cover 100 percent of the safety needs of the standard American. Made from premium quality double layer soft fabric, the Masks2Heroes coverings were designed by MIT students to provide extra protection against everything out there, from allergens, dust and smoke to germs, and other harmful particles.

Crafted in a wide range of cool colors, patterns and styles, the Masks2Heroes mask doesn't skimp on the most important feature: safety. This mask comes with a PM2.5 filter for extra protection, all part of the comfortable, washable and reusable daily covering that achieves more than 70 percent protection efficacy based on University of Cambridge data. The mask also includes an embedded nose wire to fit nicely around the nose and keep your mask more snuggly in place.

Best of all, every penny of your Mask2Heroes purchases goes right to the organization's goal: raising $1 million to distribute more than 100,000 masks to front line heroes and provide 100,000 washable masks to individuals, corporations and communities.

Right now, you can get a two-pack of Mask2Heroes masks in red, black, pink, orange, and black and orange for only $25.99, $20 off the regular price. By buying these masks, you join an even higher cause than the safety of you and those nearest and dearest to you.

Prices are subject to change.

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