Art student dumped 32 tons of carrots outside university. It was art.

Last week, Rafael Pérez Evans, an MFA candidate at London's esteemed Goldsmiths University, hired a truck to dump 32 tons of carrots outside the school. Some people thought it was a prank but apparently it was art, mirroring how European farmers sometimes dump produce in front of government buildings as a form of protest. Shortly after the installation, a group of Goldsmith students created an Instagram account criticizing Pérez Evans for wasting food. From the artist statement:

The produce in the piece are unwanted carrots, carrots that the food industry in the UK deems not worthy of shelves, the full 29 tonnes of vegetables will be collected after the exhibition and sent to feed animals. This site-specific intervention offers itself as a sculptural exercise in ​grounding, 'bringing back to earth' some o​f the dissociative and opaque practices of the metropolis and the university industrial complex.

(via ARTnews)

image: Rafael Pérez Evans