Highly-detailed post-apocalyptic abandoned gas station diorama

Maybe it's just me, but I found this 41-minute video (and the two 30-minute videos below) to be absolutely mesmerizing. German model-maker, Jana Hoffmann, builds an old Rt. 66 gas station, post-apocalypse, in 1:25-scale. The attention to detail is amazing.

While 3D printing and laser-cutting are used, a lot of the construction is done with little more than strips of wood and copper foil.

For model-makers and tabletop miniature gamers, there are a lot of useful techniques to learn here. I love how he uses water on the model first to heavily dilute and flow the the paint for a faded look. And I never thought to use the fingers from old disposable rubber glove (filled with caulk) to create little garbage bags. The weathering techniques employed here are also worth the price of admission.

Image: YouTube