"Trump" embarks on roidy ALLCAPS Twitter rant to prove that he's not dead

The Twitter account @realDonaldTrump flooded the zone Monday morning, posting a stream of ALLCAPS ragetweets for the ages. While they will not endear him to anyone but his own supporters, they do suggest that he is alive and conscious, if not coherent, a status in doubt after a weekend of cagey and misleading remarks from his doctors.

Trump, infected with Covid and currently hospitalized, was reportedly treated with a potent steroid, Dexamethosone, over the weekend. Dexamethosone's reported side effects include aggression, anxiety, agitation, irratibility, depression, fruity halitosis, anger, and "vomiting of material that looks like coffee grounds." So the usual gentle, calm, laid-back Trump we all know and love may be gone for a while.