Watch this infamously awful cartoon from 1943

Whimsical Crank of r/ObscureMedia says: "Allow me to share one of the WORST cartoons during the Golden Age of Animation, by none other than Columbia's Screen Gems: Mass Mouse Meeting (1943)"

From YouTube:

"Mass Mouse Meeting" (1943), one of the most notorious of Columbia's Screen Gems cartoons, is this retelling of the old story of a mouse placing a bell around the neck of a cat so that he and his fellow mice can know when the feline is coming. In this one, the rodent chosen for this chore spends roughly three and-a-half minutes talking to the curious cat about his new collar. This black-and-white "Phantasy" cartoon, with story by Dun Roman, animation by Chic Otterstrom, and music by Paul Worth, was produced by Dave Fleischer and directed by Alec Geiss.