Eddie Van Halen once filed a patent for a "musical instrument support" with some awesome artwork

The late guitar god Eddie Van Halen was a man of many talents, most of which involved rock n' roll. In addition to all of his great finger-tapping guitar solos, Eddie also filed a patent in 1985 for a unique "musical instrument support." US Patent US4656917A was described as:

A supporting device for stringed musical instruments, for example, guitars, banjos, mandolins and the like, is disclosed. The supporting device is constructed and arranged for supporting the musical instrument on the player to permit total freedom of the player's hands to play the instrument in a completely new way, thus allowing the player to create new techniques and sounds previously unknown to any player. The device, when in its operational position, has a plate which rests upon the player's leg leaving both hands free to explore the musical instrument as never before. Because the musical instrument is arranged perpendicular to the player's body, the player has maximum visibility of the instrument's entire playing surface.

I don't know who did the artwork here, but it's pretty much exactly as I would expect.

US4656917A Musical instrument support [Edward L. Van Halen / Google Patents]