Kiddie board games imagined as horror flicks

By his own admission, Nashville merchandise designer Justin Bryant loves scary movies. So, with this six-poster series, he's imagined innocent kids' board games like Hungry Hippos, Cooties, and Mouse Trap as horror films. Take a closer look, the details are brilliant, and terrifying (that Candyland one really freaked me out!). Prints are available at his site.

Don't Break the Ice: "Had to throw in the ice pick in the lower corner as a nice nod to the original game."
Hungry Hippos
"One of my favorite games growing up, now is a life or death decision – Chutes and Ladders!"
Mouse Trap: "Don't Get Caught. Mouse Trap, a new original horror movie from SyFy."
Candyland: "Continuing the twisted children's games series with Candyland! Always been a huge fan of Tim Burton and it just felt right letting him handle this property. What do you think? Would you watch it?"

images via Justin Bryant/1126artstudio, used with permission