Man dressed as Hulk smash puny Trump star on puny Hollywood Walk of Fame

From the Los Angeles Times:

President Donald Trump's embattled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been damaged again — this time by an angry green Avenger.

The sidewalk star was defaced with a pickax early Friday morning by a person dressed as the Incredible Hulk, the Marvel superhero, said Jeff Lee, a public information officer for the Los Angeles Police Dept.

Police officers responded to the scene around 5:50 a.m. and a vandalism report was taken from witnesses, Lee said. No arrests were made and the investigation will be handed over to detectives, "just like any other vandalism" case.

To be clear: this is a real thing that happened, and not to be confused with, say, that recent scene from the current ongoing Immortal Hulk series where Bruce Banner declares war on capitalism and climate change. (Also, if you like comic books, you should seriously be reading Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's Immortal Hulk series, which is a captivating psychologically body horror thriller that rages brilliantly against the military industrial complex. If you've never read Hulk before, it's a great place to start, too.)

Trump's Walk of Fame star smashed again, this time by someone dressed as the Hulk [Nardine Saad / Los Angeles Times]

Image: Public Domain via Wallpaper Flare