Get this bundle of masterclasses on web development for just $35

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, America's workforce has radically changed — and likely, for good. Now, almost 40 percent of Americans, almost 59 million workers, are freelancers

And they aren't all just barely scraping by. Many are thriving. In fact, there are many freelancers making $80,000 or more a year working for themselves. One of those job sectors that's always been supportive of freelance professionals is web development, where developers make a median hourly wage of about $50 for their efforts and expertise.

You can develop all the skills needed to launch yourself in a career as your own boss with the training in The Web Development Masterclass Certification Bundle.

The collection includes six courses filled with over 35 hours of instruction in all of the core disciplines at the heart of planning, building, and optimizing websites, apps and other eye-catching web experiences.

The training begins with the Web Development Masterclass: Complete Certification Course, an introductory exploration of the entire web development process. From understanding local server configurations using Apache, MySQL and PHP to deployment with Linux, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and more, this course offers training in everything you need to get started.

That instruction is augmented by the Internet and Web Development Fundamentals Certification Course, offering a closer look at exactly how the internet works with training in how to set up and test your own web server.

Next, a set of starter-level courses — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Certification Course for Beginners, Bootstrap and jQuery: Certification Course for Beginners, and PHP and MySQL: Certification Course for Beginners —present more detailed examination of foundational web building elements. With training in the coding building blocks of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the interactive capabilities of Bootstrap and jQuery, and the database basics of PHP and MySQL, students earn the knowledge to craft almost any web idea from scratch.

That's a good thing because the final course — Create a Members Only Blog using PHP, MySQL, and AJAX —can serve as a challenging final exam for training. Armed with their newfound skills, students are tasked with building a database-driven blog with authentication protocols, validated contact forms, session variables and other advanced programming features that put all the learning to the test.

Each course in The Web Development Masterclass Certification Bundle regularly retails for $199, but right now, you can get each in this collection for less than $6 each, just $34.98.

Prices are subject to change.

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