Protect your home with these 20 home security deals on sale for an extra 20% off

The aftermath of a scarring incident is no time to realize you need to be taking home security more seriously. While 10.10 Shopping Day is the start of the holiday buying season, it isn't all about video games for the kids and buying a sweater for your dad. There are all kinds of deals on some very practical purchases for 10.10 Day, including a full range of items to put a major upgrade on your home security, both inside and outside.

To get your home fully secured, here are 20 current 10.10 Day deals on a variety of cameras, smart locks, surveillance systems and other home security essentials all on sale right now. On top of their already discounted prices, you can also enter the code OCTSALE20 during checkout and get an extra 20 percent off your entire purchase.

Smart locks

Aura Biometric Smartlock and WiFi Gateway – $127.99 after coupon; originally $500

Biometrics means you can finally ditch your keys. This Aura smartlock lets you open your door any way you choose, from your fingerprint to a passcode to Bluetooth to through the Aura app. With AES128 Bit encryption and room for up to 120 authorized fingerprints or up to 150 different passcodes, you can know exactly who's there and when at all times.

Veti Biometric Smartlock and WiFi Gateway – $119.99 after coupon; originally $300

Sleek, smart, and secure, you can not only open a Veti smartlock with your biometric or a passcode, but from anywhere as well. With the added Wi-Fi Gateway, you get WiFi remote control to open the door from anywhere with an internet connection. And if you'd still like a good old-fashioned key to work, that's still okay too.

Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock and Key Fob – $263.99 after coupon; originally $369

In addition to its contactless key fob, the Ultraloq Combo truly is combination protection. With a deadbolt and a separate lock in the door handle, this 2-point locking feature doubles your security. And it even runs of AA batteries for more than a year with regular use.

Indoor cams

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera – $31.96 after coupon; originally $99

Featuring crystal clear 1080p HD video, night vision, 2-way audio, and storage on MicroSD or to your favorite cloud service, this camera gives you peace of mind with 24/7 home security. With the Hombli app, you can keep an eye on your house from over the web from anywhere you are.

CapsuleCam WDR Security Camera – $35.19 after coupon; originally $89

The CapsuleCam is the only smart home cam with both Starlight Vision to see clearer images in color, whether it's broad daylight, low light, or even in the dark; as well as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to capture details clearly in areas with high-contrast lighting.

Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera – $31.96 after coupon; originally $119

Pan to the left, tilt to the right…the Sinji's user-friendly app lets you control the cam from anywhere, so you can always see everything that's happening. It only takes a few seconds to connect to your home WiFi network and you're off and running.

NetGear Arlo Q Indoor Security Camera (Refurbished) – $79.99 after coupon; originally $199

See and hear in perfect detail, even at night, with 1080p HD video as well as built-in night vision that illuminates up to 25 feet. And when the Arlo Q detects anything, you'll get an instant alert to your phone so nothing important slips past you undetected. This refurbished item has also been certified as near mint condition and guaranteed to work just like a brand-new unit.

blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera – $39.99 after coupon; originally $59

The Dome Pro doesn't just see and record who's walking in front of its lens, it actually recognizes them. You can store a database of family and friends who regularly visit — and Dome Pro will signal you when someone who isn't on the list shows up. Its 1080p HD video is also shot with a wide-angle lens and full rotation to create complete 360-degree coverage of your space.

TOKK CAM C2 Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera – $51.99 after coupon; originally $79

When they say the Tokk Cam C2 is discreet, they mean it. At just over 1.5 inches across, this portable, ultra-compact WiFi camera can instantly stream and/or record crystal clear video anytime. Whether it's used as a security cam, a body camera or even on the dashboard of your car, this magnetic, sound-enabled cam is ready for deployment anywhere.

X1 Indoor Security Camera with 2 Door Sensors – $69.59 after coupon; originally $119

A Red Dot Award winner, the Bosma X1 goes beyond a security camera; it blends into any environment inside your home and provides complete security. In addition to 1080p HD video, 360-degree rotation, low-light and dark shooting capabilities and more, this unit also comes with a pair of door sensors, which immediately alert a user to anyone entering the home or room.

Outdoor cams

Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera – $47.96 after coupon; originally $199

From your home to the garage to the front porch and beyond, this smart outdoor cam keeps a watchful eye over it all. Like many indoor models, this one also comes with two-way audio capabilities, so you can hear what someone outside your home is saying, then talk back if needed.

Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit – $59.99 after coupon; originally $119

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this cam is completely wireless and features clear 1080p resolution, enhanced night vision, a panoramic 140-degree view, two-way audio, and accurate push alerts for optimal surveillance. With a full charge, it'll record for a whole month or up to 2,800 alert triggers before it needs a recharge.

Litmor Wireless Rechargeable Camera: Bundle of 2 – $99.96 after coupon; originally $178

Built for both outdoor and indoor use, this rechargeable battery-powered home security cam runs day and night, rain or shine. Along with the video recording and other abilities, the Litmor also comes with built-in 92 lumens spotlights and a 106 dB siren that'll definitely rattle anyone lurking around your house with bad intent.

Doorbell cams

RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell Camera – $73.59 after coupon; originally $99

RemoBell W Equipped Smart Video Doorbell Camera – $127.99 after coupon; originally $199

The RemoBell always lets you know who's at the door. With its 180-degree wide viewing angle and video-based motion detection, the RemoBell S lets you monitor and record everything that happens on your porch in real-time — and it's all accessible over the web. Or you can step up to the RemoBell W, which also comes with an indoor, WiFi-driven chime to let you know when something is happening in front of your home.

Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera – $25.59 after coupon; originally $79

If you don't want to spend heavily, but want front door protection, this doorbell cam sticks near your current doorbell and snaps a pic whenever someone rings. From there, the photo is transmitted to the indoor receiver and then to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi.


Outdoor Security Wall Lights – $22.39 after coupon; originally $42

Light your pathways, driveways, patios or gardens with these high-intensity LEDs powered by the sun. With an ultra-bright output and a wide-angle design that ensures ample light from both the front and the sides, these units power up during the day, with sensors that illuminate any movement at night.

Outdoor Nation Solar Powered 22-LED Security Floodlight – $20.79 after coupon; originally $59

With two adjustable light heads, this solar-driven powerhouse can blanket any area you choose in full illumination. The sensor is responsive to both motion and heat up to 16 feet away, with a rechargeable battery that can operate up to 150 times on a single charge.


Novi Security and Smoke Starter Pack – $239.99 after coupon; originally $466

Time to give your smoke alarm a 21st-century upgrade. In addition to detecting smoke and sounding a 90dB siren, this unit also spots motion, then sends you an alert through the Novi app. With a touch, you can either call emergency services, sound the alarm, get an updated visual or stand the system down.

Foscam 8 Channels 720p CCTV Surveillance System – $139.99 after coupon; originally $199

This plug and play security system doesn't get bogged down in all the complicated installation and operation settings. Engineered to be beginner-friendly, you can get this four-camera array up and running easily, then access all your angles via phone, tablet or PC within seconds. And it's got eight channels, which means you can add an additional four cameras to your security network if needed.

Prices are subject to change.

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