Understand the process and tools of a DevOps engineer with this 12-course package

On its surface, DevOps seems like a simple idea. It's the place where product development syncs up with operations to hopefully coalesce into a finished piece of software that's been fully tested, vetted and optimized to perfection.

Of course, there's a lot more than a simple straight line carrying a major project like that from ideation all the way through to completion. There are a lot of procedures and tools that help make that journey possible — and the well-trained, impactful DevOps pro has to know 'em all.

You can take the first steps toward understanding how to plan, then execute these projects as well as manage software developers and IT pros working together with the comprehensive training in The Complete DevOps Certifications Courses and Practice Tests Bundle.

This collection brings together 12 different courses packed with nearly 60 hours of video content and an avalanche of more than 300 different practice tests to help students earn DevOps certifications and become knowledgeable IT systems and network professionals.

These courses can help walk you through some of the most important tools a DevOps pro uses, including how source code changes are tracked with Git and GitHub. Inside builds, engineers need to automate processes so they aren't writing all that code themselves, which is where a knowledge of automation tools like Jenkins, Ansible and Puppet can save countless hours of work.

Meanwhile, much of the DevOps process keys on containerization, which allows developers to each create their own isolated apps in a self-contained space in the program, yet all accessing and running off the same operating system. 

A solid half of this collection focuses on the containerization process, including three different, yet intertwined methods of executing those projects. From a pair of courses on using Docker, to three mastering the more specific Kubernetes to two more on OpenShift, a platform for troubleshooting and optimizing Docker and Kubernetes projects.

Finally, there's also a course in understanding Dialogflow and how it can be used to in the development of chatbots, natural language, machine learning and more automation tools and tricks.

Meanwhile, all this training is backed with dozens upon dozens of practice tests aimed at getting students ready to take and pass key DevOps certification exams.

A bundle of courses that would normally cost more than $300 to take separately, this package brings all 12 together for just over $3 each, only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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