These are 5 of the best deals that you won't find on Amazon's Prime Day

Who needs Prime Day? Yeah…we said it.

Even as Amazon floods the web with deal after deal as part of their 2-day monster uber-sale, you're probably sitting back, thinking, I bet there are other retailers with great offers too.

You would be oh-so incredibly right too. As if to prove there are retail outlets that aren't the one Jeff Bezos built in his garage, here are five awesome deals that have nothing to do with Prime Day. They're just great offers on some fun products at lower prices than the everyday cost.

Take that, Amazon.

Apple AirPods Pro – $229.97 after discount; originally $249

Unless you've upgraded to the new AirPods Pro, you can't really know how much Apple has raised the stakes on premium earbud audio, with custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion drivers pumping powerful bass, active noise cancellation technology to block out outside noise in your environment, and three different flexible silicone tips to optimize sound quality. 

Syncing easily with Siri to make and receive calls as well as have text messages read to you through the AirPods, you'll also find redesigned sensor controls that make these among the premiere audio listening devices anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus Wireless Earbuds – $119.97 after discount; originally $129

Of course, if you want an alternative to AirPods, Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Buds are also bringing high-quality sound and new levels of control to your music…and at nearly half the price. The Galaxy Buds sport an optimized driver that offers substantial bass, while a volume driver gives you a wider range of sound. 

Meanwhile, Quick Ambient Mode strikes a middle ground between regular mode and full noise cancellation, allowing you to hear important outside sounds like traffic, flight announcements or coworkers calling your name. It even comes with an improved battery and its own charging case to keep delivering for hours and hours. 

Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Programmable Pressure Cooker – $69.97 after discount; originally $99

Featured among Oprah's Favorite Things last year, this cooker lets you prep meals in less than half the usual time. This utility performer can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, make cakes, pasteurize, make yogurt, cook rice, make eggs, and even warm, all in a single appliance. It's also got 15 instant touch microprocessor cooking programs, so you don't have to figure out the timing on your meals — because the Yedi does it for you.

Gourmia Brewdini 5-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $109.97 after discount; originally $149

Cold brews routinely take up to 24 hours to get 'em right. But the Brewdini's innovative vacuum technology turbo-charges the brewing process, so you can enjoy rich, frothy cold brew in just minutes. Featuring an LCD display, stainless steel accents, automatic release to carafe, four different strengths, and brew time individualization, this brewing machine produces beloved specialty drinks with literally the press of a button.

LG V30+ 4G LTE 128GB Unlocked Cell Phone – $399.97 after discount; originally $800

If you find you use your phone as a device to drive your perpetually streaming playlist even more than as a phone, the LG V30+ was built for you. Backed with a positively cavernous 128GB of storage, PC Mag called it "the ultimate phone for audiophiles." That's good for about 30,000 songs, which should be more than enough to give your wireless minutes a rest each month.

It's also got OLED FullVision technology for stunningly clear video, a glass lens for clearer, crisper photos and everything else you'd expect from a top-of-the-line phone from a brand like LG.

Prices are subject to change.

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