Watch the livestream of Apple's Event now. (Check this post for updates)

11:06am PT: Here's the new line-up. They'll all be available in the next few weeks:

10:46am PT: The iPhone 12 Pro. with a 6.1 and 6.7-inch displays. has better materials, comes in four colors, including a metallic "Pacific Blue." Can be submerged in 6 meters of water for 30 minutes. 4X optical zoom. Interesting stabilization scheme: instead of moving the lens to stabilize an image the lighter sensor moves.

10:42 am PT: James Bond Q-reveal of iPhone 12 mini (starting at $699). It's smaller than an iPhone 8 but with a larger screen.

10:40am PT: Apple pledges to have "net-zero climate impact" across its entire operation by 2030.

10:35am PT: Machine-learning computational photography, with impressive night-mode time-lapse demo video. Also, improved wireless charging and MagSafe.

10:31am PT: League of Legends, "the world's most popular PC game" coming to iPhone 12.

10:21am PT: New iPhones 12 with 5G. Looks like the iPhone 4, but thinner and lighter than the 11. Double the resolution of the 11.

10:15am PT: As expected, Tim Cook announced 5G in the new line of iPhones.

10:00am PT: Apple's Special Event is live. Watch it here. The first thing they're presenting is a smart speaker, the $99 Home Pod Mini, which is Apple's entry into to low-priced voice assistant market.

Home Pod Mini ($99)