These 20 car accessories can get you back on the road the right way

With scores of items on sale this week as part of Amazon Prime Day, it's important not to forget that family member that often gets overlooked when the presents get sorted out.

And frankly, your vehicle could probably use a little love right about now.

Since you probably haven't been out on the road as much as you used to, now is the time to make sure your car or truck is still in tip-top shape and fully stocked. To help, check out this collection of 20 items that'll get your vehicle all ready for 2021 at the same Black Friday-esque prices of Prime Day.

To seal the deal, there's also a coupon code to take an additional 20 percent off your total purchase when you enter OCTSALE20 during checkout. Happy driving.

Charging for you

ChargeHub V3 3-Port USB Car Charger – $11.99 after coupon; originally $19

ChargeHub V6 Vehicle Charger and Detachable Hub – $31.99 after coupon; originally $39

Powered by its patented SmartSpeed technology, this charger can get up to three devices back to full strength, all at once. With three USB-compatible ports, the V3 offers simultaneous, high-speed charging to almost any device, including Apple and Android phones, tablets, gaming devices, power banks and more. Or you can make sure the backseat is happy too with the V6, which features a detachable 4-port hub that can snake all the way behind the front cabin to bring juice to all the factions warring back in the rear.

Zone One Wireless Charging Car Holder – $17.60 after coupon; originally $49

You can power up and navigate at the same time without any pesky connecting cables getting in the way with this firm and steady holder. While your device gets up to a 10-watt output of power via Qi wireless charging, your phone is locked in a tight grip with full 360° rotation so you can always see your maps and other directions clearly and safely.

Chargeworx Wireless Charging Car Mount – $31.99 after coupon; originally $59

Stick this unit on your air vent, dashboard, or windshield, and give yourself a perfect viewing angle even as your phone enjoys a full charge. The non-scratch silicon arms keep your device snug and secure while it wirelessly charges. It even comes with a built-in infrared motion sensor so you can attach or remove your phone with one hand.

MagEZ Mount Qi Magnetic Car Mount Charger (Car Vent) – $37.59 after coupon; originally $49

Who needs grippy arms when your phone can just stick to a mount through the miracle of magnets? Crafted using Aramid fiber for lightweight, durable and high impact resistance, the Mount Qi keeps your phone in place on the adjustable 360° mount through straight magnet power. A Type-C charging port lets the phone charge using a cable as well as wirelessly and there's also a built-in cooling fan and sensors to make sure the mount doesn't overheat. 

Charging for your vehicle

CarAIDE 18-in-1 Super Safety Jump Starter and Multi-Tool – $63.99 after coupon; originally $99

Slip, shock, water, and dirt resistant, this ultra-handy multi-tool can get you out of plenty of jams. The CarAIDE can resuscitate a vehicle's dead battery without any jumper cables or even a second car needed. And that's just one of its 18 talents, which includes a flashlight, emergency SOS flasher, a burglar alarm, a compass, belt cutter, window breaker, phone charger and more.

JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter Kit – $95.99 after coupon; originally $119

With a powerful 37,000mWh jump starter, this unit can power up 8-cylinder, 5.0L engines and even works with most cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. Meanwhile, the 330 Lumen four-mode LED flashlight can beam almost 500 feet and the internal power bank can also fast charge your USB devices at 2.4A output. 

Autowit SuperCap 2 Battery-Less Portable Jump Starter – $100 after coupon; originally $149

A lithium-ion jump starter can't do you much good on a dead battery if it hasn't been properly charged lately either. Thankfully, this supercapacitor jump starter only requires a quick charge from your weak battery to get a car started with no pre-charging necessary. Plus, it thrives in extreme warm and cold temperatures and should survive more than 100,000 times of repeated use.

Dash cams

Rexing V3 Dual Full HD WiFi Dash Cam – $135.20 after coupon; originally $199

This dual view dash cam features front and cabin cameras so you can have full HD 1080p recordings of everything happening on the road ahead as well as activity inside the vehicle. In addition to built-in GPS data that can stamp locations, times and vehicle speed on all of your recordings, the V3 also alerts you if you move out of your lane or get too close to that vehicle ahead of you.

Orbit 960 4K Wi-Fi GPS Dashcam – $143.99 after coupon; originally $219

While many cams max out at 1080p resolution, the Orbit 960 is true 4K with hyper-detailed 2160p resolution. There's also a Sony Starvis sensor inside, helping render crisp, clear video even in low light and nighttime situations. You can even watch and easily transfer Orbit footage right from the dashcam directly to your smartphone.

Infiniview Lite Digital Rear View Mirror and Dash Cam – $199.99 after coupon; originally $279

This 3-in-1 package comes with both front and rear dash cams, a nearly 10-inch digital touch screen anti-glare mirror, and even a rearview system to help you back up safely. With a waterproof lens, the rear cam can capture footage in rain or fog without ever worrying about damage to the camera. With 170° wide-angle recordings, Infiniview gives drivers a full unobstructed view of the road.


KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner – $11.99 after coupon; originally $49

Just plug the KOBRA into your vehicle's systems and you'll get a full view of its current health. 

When connected via WiFi, this wireless scanner can interpret over 3,000 code definitions of everything from generic problems up to manufacturer-specific trouble codes. KOBRA lets you diagnose your car's issues before a mechanic tries to hit you with a massive bill.

THINKCAR 1S Full-Systems Car Scanner – $29.59 after coupon; originally $54

Simple, creative, and user friendly, the THINKCAR 1S understands what's happening under your hood intimately. From full diagnostic reports to code clearing to even real-time diagnosis remotely, this scanner is the ultimate backup. And if you need more help, THINKCAR comes with a community of auto enthusiast friends and technicians who can be of service as well.

Tire maintenance

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator – $47.99 after coupon; originally $69

Flat tires are absolute daykillers. To make sure you don't get there, this cordless inflator will make sure your tires are always at their peak recommended pressure. With dual power sources, you can either use a lithium-ion battery pack or a 12-volt car power adapter. And this inflator even shuts off automatically when finished to avoid any over-inflation nightmares.

FOBO Tire 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System – $127.20 after coupon; originally $159

If your car tires feel like they're low, the FOBO Tire 2 can tell you in real-time, even while you're driving. Capable of detecting leaks and finding potential problems, the unit then transmits readings to your smartphone or an in-car base for your review. It even lets you set different pressure windows for each axle on your vehicle.


5-in-1 Emergency Car Tool with Portable Power Bank – $15.99 after coupon; originally $25

Roadside emergencies are usually unexpected, but with this 5-in-1 problem solver, you can be ready for 'em. Armed with an LED flashlight, a red S.O.S. light, an emergency seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, and a portable power bank with 2,200mAh battery capacity, life on the road won't seem quite so scary. 

Kelvin.7 Automotive Emergency Multi-Tool – $31.99 after coupon; originally $49

The only thing better than five emergency assistance tools…is 7. The Kelvin.7 comes ready to take action with a window breaker, razor-sharp seatbelt cutter, hand-crank power generator, 4 built-in magnets, a flashing emergency hazard light, an LED flashlight, and a USB emergency power supply.

Other accessories

Classic Magnetic iceScreen – $19.99 after coupon; originally $29

Made from military-grade double waterproof reinforced oxford polyester, this cover keeps your windshield free from ice, snow, and frost even in the worst winter weather without scraping. Strong and durable, this cover uses gel-padded magnets and storm straps to stay securely in place, not to mention the anti-theft wings with foam endings that secure into your car doors to make sure this cover isn't going anywhere.

Light Smart Solar Powered Parking Sensor – $71.20 after coupon; originally $129

If your vehicle wasn't built with rear parking cameras, this easy to install set gives any vehicle the full modern driving treatment. With the waterproof and solar-powered sensor in place on the rear of your car, it connects directly to your FenSens app, turning your phone or tablet into its own view screen with an alert to let you know if you're getting too close to another vehicle.

The Basecamp System Tailgate Pad, Seats and Cooler – $207.99 after coupon; originally $299

This is the set that turns the tailgate and bed of your truck into a mobile living room. The Basecamp System allows you to anchor down items to your tailgate like bikes, surfboards or wood. Wrapped in waterproof PVC and coated in PU nylon, it also lets you relax, with two lounger chairs, a Jeffrey cooler and a comfort pad. 

Prices are subject to change.

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