Attempt to make Turkish coffee in tiny sauce pot ends in failure

If you think you're going to make a fine cup of Turkish coffee (replete with cardamom and a mint leaf floater) in a pot, you are shamefully wrong. I tried it. Hideous.

My wife uses a tiny sauce pot (above) to scramble an egg, even though we have suitable frying pans. I call it the "egg pot". The Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent knows that only a complete oaf would think he could make a good Turkish coffee in an egg pot!

You need an ibrik. For God and country, you NEED an ibrik. In 1540, Suleiman had coffee at the palace ground by a mortar and brewed in an ibrik. This simple culinary tool has been crafting the world's finest brews ever since. Copper crafted and adorned with decorative imprints, a long handle and a pouring spout. This is going to take your Turkish coffee from "egg pot" to perfection.

Get an ibrik immediately, then step onto your front porch and heave your egg pot as far away from your home as possible.