Britons alarmed by unpleasant border infrastructure they demanded

Kent, in southeast England, voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. Now they get to watch their green and pleasant land replaced by the sprawling border control infrastructure this entails. Pictured here is a local newspaper cover showing the sheer vastness of one parking lot required to host trucks that can no longer simply roll off to Europe. I'm sure the smell will be lovely, too.

They are holding a "public consultancy" about the development, but construction is already well underway. Second thoughts are … verboten.

"It is not an opportunity for the Remainers to have a go at Brexit," said a local official, Paul Bartlett, quoted in The Kentish Express. "But it is an opportunity for the people who want to genuinely have a say about the impact it will have on the community."

I'm going to be keenly following The Kentish Express from halfway around the world just to keep track of the "Turkeys voted for Christmas" Brexit beat.

Just wait until they begin building the refugee camps! On a clear day you'll be able to hear the children screaming for miles.