Love your old PlayStation Portable? The RetroMiMi RK2020 will take you right back

For the past few years, we've seen a stampede of build-your-own handheld gaming devices hit the market. But if you're like us, you see those kits and all their tiny pieces and intricate instructions and think, why can't I just get a cool retro-themed handheld gamer that I don't have to put together myself?

Your day has come, my friend.

The RetroMiMi RK2020 Game Console is practically retro gaming in a small plastic package. And at a glance, this system is minimalist gaming distilled to a single unit. At just 5 inches long, it fits in your hands comfortably with few extra bells and whistles to distract from the gameplay. 

The controls are just like you remember on those old PlayStation Portable handhelds, and after a few minutes of play, you'll swear it's 2005 again. But there are a few subtle improvements, like more compact shoulder buttons that don't make that clicking noise.

And unlike ultra-proprietary modern personal gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch that give you one way and one way only to play, the RK2020 is DIY to its core. It runs on a Retro Arch operating system, with a quad-core RockChip CPU and a Mali-G31 Dvalin GPU with 1GB of memory. Altogether, that enough raw horsepower to fire up emulators of all those classic PSP, N64, and DC games. In fact, the emulator support is extensive, capable of handling games in GBA, GBC, GB, MD, NES, SFC, PCE, and SMS game formats. 

All you've gotta do is load the game to an external microSD card, insert it in the slot in the RK2020, and you're off and gaming.

The RK2020 is also capable of getting into action and returning quickly, only needing 2 hours of recharge time to get fully loaded and back in the game.

And unlike the $300 price tag of a Switch, the RetroMiMi RK2020 Game Console is a lot more reasonable. You can even save $5 off the price with the current offer and get this entire gaming unit for just $71.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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