Police called on homeless person asleep on park bench; it was actually a Jesus statue

In the wealthy Ohio city of Bay Village just outside Cleveland, the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church installed a statue depicting Jesus wrapped in a blanket asleep on a park bench. According to the church, "It reminds us that, even though homelessness is a not a significant problem in our immediate neighborhood, we don't have to drive far to find those in tremendous need. Perhaps the statue will inspire those who see it to take action and help." Within 20 minutes of the statue's installation, someone mistook it for a homeless person asleep in the park and called the police.

"This is apparently a common issue with various Homeless Jesus installations around the US and Canada," the church stated.

Created by artist Timothy Schmalz, the artwork is on loan from homeless service provider Community West Foundation until December.

(News 5 Cleveland via Fark)