Trump mistakes satirical news story for reality

Donald Trump tweeted this morning that Twitter had "shut down the entire network" to stop the spread of bad news about rival Joe Biden, remarking that "this has never been done in history" and linking to The Babylon Bee, the source of the story.

If being able to say so on Twitter might have offered a clue that Twitter was not in fact shut down, it was lost on the president. The Babylon Bee is a satirical news site, The Onion for conservatives, and its story a riff on Twitter experiencing downtime yesterday.

There was some furore recently about Facebook and Snopes grimly fact-checking The Babylon Bee's satirical headlines. I thought it was foolish to do that, too, if only because it creates one of those moments when conservative "humor" is transmuted into yet more grievance.

But then we have this president to think of, don't we? Can't tell if it's true, doesn't care if it's true.