Underground cartoonist Rory Hayes was a "great American primitive"

I first encountered the work of Rory Hayes (1949-1983) in the pages of R. Crumb's Weirdo magazine (the same place I learned about the Church of the SubGenius and Stanislav Szukalski). Crumb called Hayes "A great American primitive." "Zippy the Pinhead" cartoonist Bill Griffith said "Rory Hayes was the real thing; a genuine 'outsider' artist. His work retains its raw, primitive power to this day, teetering precariously between chaos and control, madness and oddly endearing teddy bears."

In this episode of Cartoonist Kayfabe, Ed and Jim page through an anthology of Hayes's cartoons, Where Demented Wented, offering their insightful and knowledgeable commentary.