These six voice recorders are all tiny, but mighty — and also, on sale

Have you ever considered getting a digital voice recorder? They can actually be a lot more helpful than you might realize. 

From constructing business letters or memos to medical or legal dictation to recording meetings, interviews or lectures, voice recorders are a compact, lightweight way to store hundreds of hours of digital audio you can then preserve on a laptop or to the cloud for safekeeping.

From business pros to students, it wouldn't hurt to have a voice recorder at the ready when you need it most. Right now, you can check out deals on six of the best voice recorders available from Atto Digital, each at a tidy savings off their regular price.

DotOn Digital Voice Recorder – $41.99; originally $49

Stepping in at just over an inch and a half long, the DotOn Voice Recorder is practically invisible, making it an obvious choice for any discreet recording. It's so small that there's only one button, which is actually all that it needs, making it extremely easy to use. With a 20-hour battery and capable of recording up to 192kbps WAV CD-quality audio, the DotOn also sports 8GB of memory, enough to hold up to 90 hours of recordings. 

NanoRec Mini Voice Recorder – $41.99; originally $49

Just when you think voice recorders are as throwback as reel-to-reel tape, the NanoRec wades in with a full slate of tech features that make it as 2020 as the latest iPhone. Featuring a powerful microphone with 360° panoramic sound, NanoRec captures sound from all directions in a sleek lightweight design for capturing conversations naturally. It can hold more than 140 hours of audio and there's no LED light to give away that you're recording with the one-touch capture button.

LightRec Slim Voice-Activated Recorder – $46.99; originally $54

Choose whether you want a continuous recording with one-touch operation or a voice-activated session, the LightRec gives you the choice. Featuring a high-powered microphone, this recorder grabs ultra-clear recorders for storage in its built-in 8GB memory storage. Meanwhile, the 120mAh rechargeable battery gives users up to 26 hours of full recording time.

TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder – $59.99; originally $75

While it isn't the smallest voice recorder on the market (we're getting there soon), the TileRec might be the slimmest, coming in at a svelte .25 inches high. That's so small you can basically carry this recorder in your wallet. Of course, you'd never know it's so tiny from the quality of the sound, capable of recording Hi-Q MP3, using a 128 kbps bit rate. This one has voice-activation abilities as well, capturing audio at a range of up to 15 feet away.

poweRec Voice Recorder – $72.99; originally $85

Want something more than a voice recorder? Say no more…the powerRec is packed with super long recording time of up to 140 hours, but it's also a 5,000mAh power bank and an 8GB USB flash drive. With those extra abilities, the poweRec can charge your phone and play back an audio file from your phone, tablet, laptop and more. And it only takes three hours to get it fully charged and ready for action.

Atto Voice Recorder: Smallest Voice Recorder Ever! – $79.99; originally $99

Ok, we're here…now, THIS is the world's smallest voice recorder. About the size of a quarter at about 1.2 inches wide, the Atto is the very definition of small, yet mighty. With a voice sensor, four different recording qualities and 8GB of built-in memory, you can grab audio files, then secure the whole device with a 4-digit passcode. Designed to be small and practical, it's also got a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 24 hours of continuous use.

Prices are subject to change.

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