This ultimate survival bag is the thinking person's disaster prep — and it's $30 off

It used to be that go bags were almost exclusively reserved for emergency responders, journalists, and those very select few who might have to drop everything and run somewhere at a moment's notice.

Maybe it's a sign of our tumultuous times, but it feels like almost everyone now has their bag of emergency supplies and rations ready to go and standing by. Whether a crisis strikes when you're out in the world or if an emergency comes knocking on your own front door, you'll be happy to have a ready-to-roll, fully-stocked Survival Bag packed and in easy reach.

This Survival Bag is prepped and ready for basically anything, equipped with all the essential supplies you'd need to get yourself or others out of imminent danger.

At less than 10 inches long, this bag by Tekto resembles a backpack and can be easily stationed in a hall closet or vehicle trunk as the ultimate prep tool. But when disaster breaks out, the roster of much-needed items stashed in this little lifesaver could make all the difference.

The survivor tools are varied and many, including a steel survival pen with a glass breaker, an 11-in-1 multitool card, a 3-mode flashlight, a carbonado knife, a wire saw, a thermal blanket and more. 

There's almost nothing more vital to survival than water, and this pack covers that as well with a foldable water bottle and a water filter to potentially make up to gallons of water safe for drinking.  

Of course, your health and the health of those with you is also key, so the fully prepared first aid kit inside is also a critical essential. The kit includes alcohol pads, bandages, wound dressing, tape, cotton balls and even a high-end, street-ready mask able to filter out 95 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

From camping and hiking to vehicle trouble on the road to natural disasters, there's no telling when or how you might need access to this life-saving collection, but you'll be incredibly lucky to have it when that day comes.

Regularly $149, you can now pick up the fully-loaded Tekto Survival Bag for almost $30 off, just $119.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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