Amazing photo of a "sea monster" taken from a plane

On October 1, 1936, civil engineer Laurent Pelletier was on a small plane flying from Jask, Iran to France when he spotted the island of Hormuz out of his window. He grabbed his camera to snap a photo when he something very strange came into view. "It was then that the most exceptional event I have ever witnessed in my entire existence occurred," Pelletier later told a news reporter.

From a translated Strange Reality blog post recounting Pelletier's weird tale that was featured in the December 13, 1936 edition of the newspaper West Flash Sunday:

I could make out a small bulge, the head no doubt, a very long neck, then a more pot-bellied ring – exactly like these photos of a boa digesting a sheep – finally a very long tail, much longer than the neck, almost equal even to the length of it plus what I call the belly. I can not tell if the ripples of the step were horizontal or vertical, because of the sharpness of my visual angle, but the monster was progressing step by step in ripples.

A small stream of foam followed the anterior end for a moment, without doubt the beast came out at that moment with its head out of the water. "

(via The Anomalist)