Fox News passed on Hunter Biden story

Rudy Giuliani says he offered the New York Post his "Hunter Biden's Laptop" story because he knew it would run it without looking into it. What he didn't say is that he already knew who wouldn't run it: Fox News.

Mediaite, in an exclusive:

But according to two sources familiar with the matter, the lack of authentication of Hunter Biden's alleged laptop, combined with established concerns about Giuliani as a reliable source and his desire for unvetted publication, led the network's news division to pass. Fox News declined to comment on this story.

The point of the story was to get mainstream news to cover it at all. And it kinda made it there, vicariously, thanks to Twitter hamhandedly blocking it.

But in print and on air, it didn't even get to Fox News, whose hosts were generally very cold on it.

Whatever will they come up with next?