If you want your boost your memory, try this course

Your brain is a wondrous creation. Even when you're destroying it with Cheetos and hour after hour of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it's still the most powerful computer you will ever own. 

According to Northwestern University psychology professor Paul Reber, each human brain has the capacity to store up to 2.5 petabytes of data. You'd need about 4,000 of the max capacity  256GB iPhones to store as much information as you could hold in your brain right now.

Unfortunately, our brain's recall process doesn't always live up to our built-in storage possibilities. In fact, your short-term memory can only hold about five to nine items at once, and then for only about 20 to 30 seconds. If they don't get filed into your long-term memory, they're ultimately gone.

However, there are methods for fine-tuning your brain and training yourself to remember more and remember it quickly. The steps in the Learn How to Learn 10X Faster and Boost Your Memory course can help bring that inner supercomputer out in all of us.

The course is led by respected instructor and memory coach Eralp Sendan, who's spent over 10 years developing an understanding of creative thinking and watching how the brain works.

In this course, Sendan will train you how to retrain your mind, including a variety of basic proven memory techniques that will absolutely help you learn information faster and keep it locked up inside your memory for as long as you need it. You may have heard of techniques like memory association, visual chain, the memory palace and more, but after this course, you'll understand what they are and how to use them to keep your brain in overdrive when you need it most.

The course also includes techniques for remembering very specific information that is part of your day to day life. Want to know how to remember important dates like a birthday or an anniversary? Or ways to remember faces and names? Or even how to deliver a speech without notes? The training here will offer a pathway to get you on top of all those memory puzzles, so you can be the one who remembers everything.

 This memory training is a $200 course, but right now, it's on sale for $24.99, a price that should make this deal hard to forget.

Prices are subject to change.

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