Meet the woman crafting monster schlongs for GWAR

Artist Margaret Rolicki is the Cynthia Plaster Caster of the prop fabrication world and the spiritual heir to Milicent Patrick's (Creature from the Black Lagoon) legacy. When not making her own art (like this fantastic bat mask tribute to Margaret Brundage's Weird Tales cover art), Rolicki is deep in the bowels of the Slave Pit, creating dick udders, molding monster brains underneath removable skullcaps, and whipping up a fresh batch of spew (fake blood and alien bile) for an upcoming live show of Richmond, Virginia's fabled thrash metal band, GWAR, best known for their elaborately gross stage show filled with beheadings, spewing foam penises, and alien abortions.

I don't know that I could name a single song by GWAR, but I can tell you that showing up at high school with your skin stained red with fake blood the morning after one of their shows was a badge of honor.

Check out Margaret's art on her Instagram page, her website, and see her operating the spew cannon live in action at GWAR's Scumdogs of the Universe anniversary show on Oct. 30th.

Margaret Rolicki and bat prop
Margaret Rolicki and Bat (commissioned costume)
Margaret Rolicki sculpts a demon head
Blothar's dick udders by Margaret Rolicki
GWAR's Blothar model's Margaret's creation
Margaret Rolicki with GWAR
Headdress commission based on Boris Vallejo's Midnight Angel illustration 
Oderus mask with scalp rip, made for a fan.