'Nay, Nay!' Hear the 1960's Stranger-Danger Ballad "Patch the Pony" Turned Into a Halloween Horror Soundtrack

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Greetings, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week is our Halloween episode. It's a tribute episode to a familiar childhood pony, named Patch, of the 1960s-1980s. Patch the Pony taught children an easy to remember rule: "Nay, Nay! From Strangers Stay Away!" — I love the story of Patch the Pony.

To keep with the Halloween season, audio from Patch is turned into a Halloween Movie. This is done with a variety of synthesizer beds, spray-can webbing, fake plastic hands, witches broomsticks, rattling skeletons, and vampire teeth. It's also achieved through the soundtrack of Patch the Pony itself, an unusual story of a wandering Pony who watches over children, and the peculiar voice acting for The Stranger who has a ball of candy, and an offer to "climb in" and ride in his new automobile. Nay, Nay, Stay Away!

Patch the Pony is a nice success story of an independent creator, too. While most cartoon mascots were corporate owned, Patch is one of the few guardians of children to be independently created, a heroic creation of a mother from Watertown, Wisconsin — who went on to share the story of Patch with millions of children for decades. Other than Art Clokey's Pokey from Gumby, I can't think of many creator-owned safety horses.

Side B for this week continues our serialized story of The Recovery of Charlie Pickle, with Psychiatric Notes #1.

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #28: A Tribute to Patch the Pony

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Thanks and have a "ghoul" week, E