No malarkey: I visited Biden HQ in Animal Crossing and it went like this

The Biden/Harris team is going after those Gen Z votes with a visitable campaign headquarters, in the form of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island (you might remember they also offer in-game digital yard signs). I'm not Gen Z but I play the game and was curious to what I was going to find on Biden's island. So, I played tourist by using its Dream Code DA-7286-5710-7478. Well, I'm glad I did. The attention to details is impressive. There are poll booths, a White House, merch, and, well, let me show you. Selfie opps were a-plenty:

Off I go…
I ran into virtual Joe Biden soon after landing. Getting him in a shot was difficult, as he was being pretty elusive.
I did manage to get a moment with the digital candidate and he exclaimed "No malarkey!" (I didn't get the reference.)
Strolling around the island, I found a rose garden styled to look like the U.S. flag. Neat.
I also found the "White House" with its own rose garden. ACNH players will note that it's cleverly constructed with panels and the Museum. And, you can't actually get over there. It's gated off.
I then went to the building that houses Biden's HQ.
As I mentioned, the attention to detail is impressive. I've built a lot of spaces in ACNH and I know this took some real effort to create.
See how surprised I am?
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The upstairs room was divided in two: one side for Biden and the other for Kamala (note her sneaker collection).
One room had a DJ stand and digital Biden/Harris merch (which is available out HQ and online).
I picked up a Kamala Hoodie.
There was another surprise downstairs. That's where they placed "Joe's Train Town." (I didn't get that reference either.)
Before heading back to my isle of Wishbone, I stopped by for a balloon-selfie at the polling place.