PartyLine lets you voice-chat with a stranger with differing political views

Danielle Baskin has launched a tasty new project called PartyLine. She's devised a way to put people — outside of their own political and social bubbles — together to… talk.

PartyLine pairs you in a voice-chat with someone in any state to have a conversation about political topics. Your match is determined by questions you answer. (We pair you with someone who agrees with you on something, but disagrees on something else.)

You could match with someone in a city you've never been to before, someone with a completely different background than yours, or someone with a story that teaches you something new. We're opening channels to spark meaningful conversations between people who might not be like-minded.

Don't let the photo of two phones fool you. This is a voice-chat that takes place "over WiFi through your browser on your desktop or mobile device." 

image via PartyLine