Work remotely from this Japnese theme park

I'm not sure if this is a genius plan for keeping the lights on at an otherwise vacant theme park during this time of plague or a fresh low point in the long timeline of work ruining damn near everything.

Yomiuriland, located just outside of Tokyo, has opened its doors, in a very limited capacity, to a very specific class of clientele: remote workers. for just under $20 bucks, you can have the joy sucked out of your life by bickering with your boss on Slack while you ride around on the park's Ferris wheel. I dunno, maybe you might get a chance to enjoy the view between emails and the fourth unnecessary Zoom meeting of the day?

Once you've had the opportunity to not admire the sites from far above the near-empty amusement park, you'll have the opportunity to remember what enjoying yourself in a sea of relatively happy, mask-free people used to feel like, by continuing your workday in a lounge chair, located next to one of the park's water attractions.

In late fall.

As the weather changes for the worse.

Image via Flickr, courtesy of ykanazawa1999