Delicious snack resembles dried Play-Doh

I love these Ancient Grain Twists. Not just for the spicy chili kick they provide. Not just the attempt to make my snacking seem healthy by adding turmeric. But, the sentimental thing I love is the shape of each stick. It takes me back to childhood and pushing Play-Doh through the Fun Factory molds. It's the "shooting star" shape I associate with the Ancient Grain Twists specifically. Remember pushing the Play-Doh through those molds and then dropping everything to go watch cartoons, only to find them all dried into chalky hardened artifacts a day later? That is exactly what Ancient Grain Twists look like, except they're delicious.

The ancient grains the package speaks of is chia and quinoa, although there was a 2018 lawsuit disputing that. Quinoa, by the way, is pronounced "Keen-wa". I do not write this as a condescension but as a service in the event you do not know. I need to save you the possible embarrassment I suffered in a Whole Foods a few years ago when I pronounced it "Kwin-oh-uh", after only having read it in print. The clerk laughed at me, but I deserved it.