Former GOP chairman Michael Steele endorses Joe Biden

Michael Steele used to be the chairman of the Republican National Committee. As a black man, his role at the top seemed to herald a new age for the GOP, rising to the challenge of a black president by discarding its own history of racial prejudice and enmity. But it didn't last long: he was ousted after a single term by Reince Priebus, who himself went on to become President Trump's first chief of staff. Steele today endorsed Joe Biden, a Democrat, in the hopes of preventing Trump's reelection.

I am asking my fellow Americans to consider what is in your best interests, and not Donald Trump's.

In 1860, the Democratic nominee Stephen Douglas, anticipating a Lincoln victory, spent the campaign's final months traveling throughout the South, calling for unity. After Lincoln's win, Douglas conspicuously demonstrated that, notwithstanding their political differences, he was part of the loyal opposition, and strongly supported the incoming president's efforts to bring the country together. Above all, he chose to do what was best for the country.