I'm very happy with this IPX7 waterproof, battery-powered portable soundbar

I wanted to listen to music or the news outside without wiring anything up. The Soundcore Motion+ is perfect for both my yards and camping trips.

I have two yards that are mildly cluttered. If things go as they usually do, I probably won't know where I want all the BBQs, tables, chairs, hammocks and swings for a few years. I might keep moving them around forever. Wiring speakers in place without knowing where I am going to be sitting has left me dissatisfied in the past.

The Soundcore Motion+ sounds great for an outdoor speaker. This 30w battery powered BT speaker sounds about on par with the 100w KLH outdoor speakers and amp I don't want to wire in place.

I have not tried it paired with another — but evidently you can set two Motion+ to work as stereo soundbars, which would put out more than enough sound for any party I will ever throw.

There is speakerphone functionality when paired to your phone, but thus far all that has provided me is annoying keyclicks as I message while paired and the occasionaly "How do I get this call on my headset?" moment. A friend tells me they successfully use it, but I am doing the Mr.Magoo-trying to-program-the-vcr thing when I play with it.

At the price I am super happy with the sound, portability and build.

Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio, BassUp, Wireless Speaker, App, Custom EQ, 12H Playtime, Waterproof, USB-C, For Home Office via Amazon