Shadow of the Beast on Atari 2600

Shadow of the Beast, released in 1989, became a hallmark of outstanding graphics, sound and aesthetic completeness. It wasn't much of a game, but it sold a lot of Commodore Amigas in Europe. So tied was it to that machine's peculiar 16-bit hardware that porting it to other systems became a challenge, a joke, even a form of outsider art. And here it is on the Atari 2600 [], as Legacy of the Beast.

It's coded by Michael Christophersson (patreon) in assembly, and includes boulders, enemies, those big bony spikes that come out of the ground, fireballs, and even the hollow tree level. You can run, punch and duck. Check out that perfect Psygnosis sunset!

Written entirely in 6502 Assembly, the intention was to deconstruct yet remain as faithful to the original as technically possible given the capabilities of a system originally released in 1977.

Massive non-linear areas to explore, and battle various enemy types and traps.

Runs on physical Atari 2600 NTSC systems, and Stella, Gopher2600, OpenEMU or other Atari 2600/VCS compatible emulators.