Documentary "The Man Card" takes a tough look at white-male identity politics

The 55-minute-long documentary The Man Card isn't a light watch but a worthy one. Its creator, Jackson Katz, is an expert on the issues of gender, race and violence. You may remember him from his viral TEDx Talk from 2013, Violence against women—it's a men's issue

"The Man Card" explores the right's five-decade mastery of white-male identity politics in American presidential politics. Ranging from Richard Nixon's tough-talking, law-and-order campaign in 1968 to Donald Trump's hyper-macho revival of the same fear-based appeals in 2020, the film shows how the right has mobilized dominant ideas about manhood and enacted a deliberate strategy to frame Democrats and liberals as soft, brand the Republican Party as the party of "real men," and position conservatives as defenders of white male power and authority in the face of transformative demographic change and ongoing struggles for racial, gender, and sexual equality.

"The Man Card" will be streaming free through Election Day.

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