FlipNetik are mesmerizing desk toys with a strange power all their own

Fidget toys are made for relieving anxiety and stress, but there's a very ephemeral quality to finding fidget toys that actually do the job. Many are just clutter on your desk or can even be just kind of annoying. But the best ones slip into your hand almost unconsciously, providing a very soothing tactility and ease of use that actually does bring reassurance and calm without the user often even realizing it.

FlipNetik unquestionably make the grade, a desk toy that captures your imagination when you're thinking about it, while creating sights, sound and motion that are still comforting even when you aren't.

They're also amazingly simple. Each piece is only about an inch and a half across and resembles a polished stone in either a square or hexagonal shape. Yet while they're surprisingly simple, they also feature aerospace-grade balancing and precision to the point where they actually seem to be defying the laws of gravity.

Just watch the video…

They spin with minimal friction. They flip end-over-end with seemingly boundless kinetic energy. They even sit motionlessly in your hand with a perfectly considered weight that makes them ideal for flipping between your fingers or shifting from hand to hand. 

Sure, their stylish design and glossy finish offer a high-brow aesthetic, but it's when they whirl and tumble and click across a desktop or counter space or even in your hand that they actually become more than just some polished rocks. 

You can either let them sit on your desk for those moments when you start their motion, or you can keep each in its cool little leather pouch until they're ready to perform.

Once you've tried one out, you'll likely be surprised how often they almost absent-mindedly find their way back into your hand all the time.

FlipNetik pieces come in black, gold and silver and you can choose from either the square or hexagonal shape. Each is regularly $30, but with the current deal, are almost 25 percent off at just $22.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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