A security researcher says he guessed Trump's Twitter password

Security researcher Victor Gevers says it took him five password guesses to log on to Trump's Twitter account last week—it was "maga2020!"

From Ars Technica:

Gevers reportedly gained access to Trump's Twitter account on Friday last week. He says he tried passwords such as "MakeAmericaGreatAgain" and "Maga2020" before hitting on the correct password of "maga2020!" Gevers is a well-known security researcher and has been quoted in several Ars articles on other security topics going back to 2017. He is a researcher at the nonprofit GDI Foundation and chair of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.

"I expected to be blocked after four failed attempts" or at least be "asked to provide additional information," Gevers said, according to de Volkskrant. The report said:

The Dutchman alerted Trump and American government services to the security leak. After a few days, he was contacted by the American Secret Service in the Netherlands. This agency is also responsible for the security of the American President and took the report seriously, as evidenced by correspondence seen by de Volkskrant. Meanwhile Trump's account has been made more secure.