There's only one way to deal with pantry moths

Over at Root Simple, Mr Homegrown writes about how he deals with pantry moth infestations. The solution is straightforward, though tedious to implement: seal everything pantry moths like to eat in airtight containers.

According to geniuses at UC Davis, management is simple and pesticide-free. All your food needs to go into jars with tight fitting lids. No shoving rubber-banded packages of couscous in the back of the shelf. If you have space in your freezer you can put dry goods in there and kill any larvae. Avoid adding new food to old food, if possible.

If you've got an outbreak UC Davis suggests pulling everything out and inspecting what you've got for the telltale signs of infestation: larvae or webbing. Get our you vacuum and suck out the larvae that hide in cracks in your cabinets. These bugs can survive for months without food. Wash cabinets with soap and water. Freeze stuff you're in doubt about. To repeat, put everything, including pet food, in jars with tight fitting lids.

Image: By Aiwok – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0