Fenwick Bike Sticks attractively get your bike off the ground and out of your way

With the cost of gas, greenhouse emissions, and all sorts of other concerns, it's one of those transportation issues you seldom consider. But for environmentally friendly commuters and weekend adventurers alike, the question remains: how the heck do I store this big bicycle?

If you live in an apartment, you practically have to give a bike its own room so you aren't constantly tripping over it. If you put it in the garage, it's again getting in the way as you try to maneuver around parked cars, storage, and all that other stuff that accumulates there.

The Fenwick Bike Sticks from Loma Living allows you to efficiently stash your bike at home by getting it up off the ground and elevated where it's always up and out of everyone's way.

Just take a look at these sticks and users can see the whole process is aggressively simple. Once you find a wood wall stud, just drill a 5/16-inch pilot hole into the wall, hand turn the Fenwick Bike Stick in, and…that's it. The two sticks can be mounted so you can hook a bike horizontally over both sticks, or hang two bikes vertically by their wheels side by side.

The sticks themselves are also gorgeously minimalist and attractive while also protecting your bike from scratches and scrapes. The pair comes in four wood types — walnut, maple, oak, and mahogany — each sporting their own unique color and feel. Each handsome, durable stick is finished with a clear coat that accentuates the beauty of the wood while safeguarding your bike from any paint damage during storage.

Once finished, the sticks offer a visually appealing way to both display your mountain bike, touring bike or other two-wheel transportation while also saving on valuable space in your home.

With a retail price of $49, you can save $3 off the price of a set of Fenwick Bike Sticks now and stow your bike properly for just $46.

Prices are subject to change.

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