Litigious, Anti-social-media Ex-HOA members in Val Vista Lakes file lawsuit after being ousted

Former HOA presidents Marcianne Johnson, Melissa Wilson Scovel and Cheryl McCoy have basically filed suit against their entire neighbourhood for successfully removing them from the association via a recall vote.

The three were part of the Arizona Homeowners' Association in Val Vista Lakes that threatened members of their 900-acre neighbourhood with a fine of $250 per day for "posting any disparaging, speculative, or defaming comments that negatively impact specific individuals in the Association or on the Board."

After receiving the letters, the residents launched SaveVVL, a campaign to remove Johnson and Scovel from their community positions. The lawsuit specifically targets the "Overlords" of this campaign, several of whom had moved out of the community after facing abuse and harassment from members of the HOA and others over the campaign.

Unfortunately, Arizona's Anti-SLAPP law doesn't appear to protect defendants from this type of harassing litigation. Still, the Streisand effect should do an effective job of bringing the litigious and harassing actions of these three to light for all to see.

Via AZCentral:

Defendants engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct in making false statements against Plaintiffs that held them out for public rebuke; attacking them for their actual or perceived affiliations with a religious organization; threatening or encouraging violence; and alleging they committed criminal activities


Image: Eustress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons